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Paul Musa  
National Guard
CoB, Engr. Bn,

PFC Luis Figueroa
Fort Wort, TX
Sgt. Tony Lacy
Texarkana, TX

 Patrick Louis Lacy
Sgt. E8
Vietnam Paratrooper Veteran
South Texas

Sgt. Thomas B. Willis, Aviano AFB. Italy
Home town
 Hamilton, Ohio

Walter J Krzywda RMCM USN Ret. 

Sgt William H. Lacy
US Army
South Texas

Sgt Michael J. Lacy
South Texas

Alec Pierce
Alexander City, AL
230th MP Co.

P.F.C Sean Stephens
Kirbyville, Texas
We love you!!!

Lcpl Kyle E. Nicholson
Tampa, Florida
Stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA
Soon to be deployed to Iraq

SSG Brian Mullinax
US Army National Guard Blacksburg,
South Carolina
Now in Iraq
We Love & Miss You

Winfred E. Stewart (WINK)
United States Navy WW2
Pacific Theatre-
USS McDermott

Robert Henry Rohrbeck
US  Army - WW2
Armored Field Artillery Battalion 494th
C section- tank gunnery loader

Anthony DeWitte Stewart
US Army - WW1

Charlie Patterson
Cherokee Falls,
South Carolina
US Army WW2

Thomas Howard Earls
Cherokee Falls,S.C.
Company A
720 Military Police Battalion

Brad Albright
National Guard 
Grand Rapids, Mi
137th Trans Co 

We Miss you so much

SSG Gary Kissel
 Holland, Michigan United States Army 180th Trans Co  -  Muskegon, Michigan Deployed to Iraq

PFC Philip Michael Martin
Roseville, Michigan
US Army
180th Trans Co
Bay City,  Michigan
 Deployed from Ft. McCoy WI. To Iraq

559th Transportation Detachment from Daytona Beach Florida, now in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.




SSG Richard G. Mitchell, Jr., 180th Trans Co, deployed to Iraq
Pvt. Paul M. Wireman, Ft. Lee, VA - AIT from Vernon, MI
(father and son)

SFC John Jackson
United States Army
Albertville, Minnesota
180th TC
Deployed to Iraq
Hurry Home Daddy!

SPC Michael R. Waltz
From Illinois
Cross Leveled with the 180th Transportation Company
Deployed to Iraq Dec 31st, 2004
We Love you,
Hurry Home.

SPC Thomas Hart
180th Trans Co  
Deployed to Iraq

Robert Stadler SR
Gobles MI
Stationed Germay
**love you**

Spc Korey R Guerrero
Gobles MI
 180th Transport Co
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Stationed Iraq

Sgt. Robert Mussared
USNG 190th En Co
Stationed in Iraq
~Love you and Miss you~

SPC Alan E. Quinn
South Haven, Michigan
US Army
180th Transport Co
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Stationed Iraq
***We Love You***

Sgt Russell Bower
US Army National Guard
SC-now serving in Iraq
We love and miss you!!!!

LCpl Michael Savoie
US Marine Corps
Camp LeJeuene, NC
Folsom, LA.

SSG Charles A. Fetzer
Florida Army National Guard
144th Trans. Co.
Marianna, FL
Jennifer Bullard
Navy E3
 Maricopa, California

SPC Jonathon
Garcia- Rosado
US Army
Fort Stewart, Ga.
Now in Irak
We miss U!!!!!

SSG McGill,Cleveland
559th TC DET


SGT Phillips
 559th TC Det

JP & Kathy Phillips, my two children, as their strength motivates me.

PVT. Eric Hiatt
Fort Hood, Texas
From Independendence, Ky
Shipping to Iraq 8/15/05

Sgt. Todd Claiborne

Jesse Munsey ~  E~4,  Camp Lejuene, N.C.   Love You son
Stay Safe Always  !!!!!!!

ABE 2 AW Daniel Fisher
Uss Carl Vinson
We love and miss you
Come home soon

SSgt. Luke VanDonsel 823rd SFS
(Moody AFB,GA) Krakow, Wisconsin

Deployed in Iraq
We love and miss you bunches!!!

Randy Reed Hecox
  Fought in
Desert Storm now decd.   Harrisonville,Mo. 

SGT. Carmen Principe
US Army
Puerto Rico

Sgt. Ramey L. Price 
U.S. Army 
Fort Sill. Ok

Scott A Morgan Jr.
Navy Medic
Charleston, S. Carolina
Stationed Iraq


PFC James Weiss
9th Calvary Iraq


Bless those who serve this country,
Bless those who await their safe return.
Bless those who mourn the lost.


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